Room Tour: Ethans Nursery Updated Version

I've done a couple of posts on Ethans Nursery over the course of starting my blog, but I always change it about or we get new things. So I'm thinking that a nursery room tour is well overdue!

It's a bit of a photo heavy post, but since it's a room tour that's probably kind of what you expected when you clicked on the link, right? A lot of the furniture items are from IKEA. I am SUCH a fan of IKEA, I have so many pieces of theirs in my house. 

As you can see, for Ethans nursey we went pretty much all neutral. I am in love with his chest of drawers with are IKEA.  

His cot is from Babies R Us. 

The armchair and pillow are IKEA. 
Adam (My Husband) drew this when we were at school together for his GCSE Art. So it's just a sentimental little touch. :)
I brought the frames for these from IKEA and printed the pictures from the Internet. We had to have a cat of course, since we're cat obsessed in our house!
The little wooden toy is from Rome from Ethans Grandparents. 
This was another present from Ethans Grandparents from Rome. It's blue-tac'ed on his door. I love it.
I hung this little bookmark with his name on (which was a gift from a friend) on his door handle.
I believe his lightshade is from Mothercare.
My Auntie makes picture boxes and she made this as a gift for Ethan when he was born (she's very talented).
The clocks from Babies R Us.

He loves his jumperoo!

I love love love his bunting, which is from Next and says 'Sweet Dreams'.
His white basket lives on top of his drawers and we store his nappies in for easy access.
Books, a nightlight and his scan photo.

I brought the frame again from Ikea and printed this picture from the web. 
His money box is from our first family holiday to the Lake District. 

What do you think his room? I'd love for you to leave me a link below and share any room tours you've done on your blog or on youTube. :)


  1. Ethans room is luscious! Everything in it is so lovely and I adore the picture box. Your Auntie is very talented. I'm currently doing up my daughters bedroom, so I'll do a room tour once its all finished! ;) x

  2. Awww it's gorgeous! I love the neutral colours with the odd splashes of colour, i'd wanna sleep in there if i was a baby! lol x

  3. It looks gorgeous and it's so lovely that you have a picture that your husband drew. I love sentimental things like that!

  4. What a lovely room, i hope we can create something nice for our little one to be born in June) my-little-l.blogspot.co.uk

  5. Lovely! We have the same chest of drawers (but in white) in our room and Isabelle's nursery! It's all beautiful

  6. Aww his nursery is so cute! Nice and neutral, which I love. I'm not really a fan of all blue/all pink nurseries. I'm thinking about getting a Jumperoo for Finlay as he loves practising standing, would you recommend it? I've read good reviews about it :) xx

    1. Thanks Steph. Yes I do, I definitely recommend it. Ethan loves it!. x

  7. I love his Nursery! So neutral and fresh! We are hoping to do the next baby's nursery more neutral and I'm thinking of brown instead of white haha! x

  8. Aww his room is adorable :) I did a post on Beau's room a while ago but I still needed to do a few bits to it - http://www.mrshippoandme.co.uk/2013/09/who-lives-in-room-like-this.html xx

  9. Bright nurseries are the best! great job!!!

  10. Very sweet! Is the crib from IKEA as well?

  11. Beautiful!! The first tooth fixture!?! Who knew such a cute thing existed!!

    Nataile - thepinksoul.com