Ethan. It's bedtime!

Within the last couple of monthly updates that I've written about Ethan, you may have noticed me mentioning that ever since he's gone into his own bedroom, he's been waking up during the night. Which is rare for him. He'd always been a fantastic sleeper, literally from the day he was born!

He's not waking up for a bottle, or for a play. He's waking up to come into bed with us. And when he does he goes straight back off to sleep. I have two thoughts about this.. Either, that's just what comforts him, he wants to be with us. OR he's cold, with it being winter and all. 

I've tried numerous attempts of putting him back down to sleep, but it never works. I've tried letting him cry it out, but his cries just get louder. And at three in the morning, whilst trying to ensure that he doesn't wake up his Dad, who has to get up at 5am every day for work. Sometimes it's just easier to bring him in with us. Especially when I consider that maybe.. he's just cold.

It's a hard weigh up knowing what the right thing to do is. Part of me, says 'So what, he comes in with us most nights, a lot of other people co-sleep with their babies.' And to be honest, neither Adam or I mind him coming in, in fact we like snuggling up with him. But then the other half says 'What if he doesn't grow out of it for years?', 'What about when we have another baby?'.. I've heard that some babies just don't grow out of it for years, and why should they? It's what they know. It's a comfort.

A lot of people advise letting them cry it out. But I admit.. it's a huge emotional struggle to leave him crying. I think I may be inclined to let him keep coming in throughout winter, whilst the weather is cold. And maybe try a different approach when summer is here. 

What's your baby's nightly sleep routine like?


  1. Great post! We co-sleep with Abbie, it wasn't what we planned but she would only sleep next to us so we did what we could to get some sleep! We would never let her cry it out either, I'd rather get no sleep than hear my baby crying for me, tugs on my heart strings! We have a toddler bed in our room now, pushed up against our bed, so she sleeps in there for half the night then crawls over to us for the second half :) When she is ready, she'll sleep alone & through the night! I don't know any teenager in their parents beds lol x

  2. Fab post hun. Annabelle used to do this, but lately {thankfully & *touch wood*} her sleep has got better. But previously she would get up 2/3 times a night, it was a nightmare. Even now she still gets a feed at around 2am, she's really hungry by this time and refuses to hold on for that tummy top up. About the cold thing...we thought this too and bought her a sleeping bag....now she is cosy warm even when she kicks her covers off. Now she sleeps so soundly and then dreamfeeds with her bottle at around 2am. x

  3. Our little boy Albie is 4 months old, he's been in his own room for a while as he hated his Moses basket. He usually sleeps through although has had a 2 week cold so his sleeps been disturbed! When he does cry out I will pick him up but stay in his room sitting on the armchair. He will only sleep on me, like on my chest so as soon as he drifts off I put him back and pray he doesn't wake! I can't have him in with us and my husband is such a deep sleeper and waves his arms all over the place! Luckily for now a cuddle works! If Ethan likes being in your bed and you like it then I don't see any harm. He's such a little cutie! It must be hard to leave him to cry it out xxx

  4. We do this with Tyne too. He sleeps well for most of the night but around 5ish he wakes up and nothing comforts him except coming in with us.
    We like the snuggling and he ends up going straight back to sleep until around 9am! So it works for all of us.

    If there comes a time when its not working anymore - either if theres another baby or I think he's getting too old for it - I'll address it then.

    For now, we're all happy as it is - I'm very much a "If its broken dont fix it" kind of person lol

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

  5. Caleb started this too when he was slightly younger than Ethan. Now he's 16 months old and he's still in with us and I'm at a loss of what to do :(

  6. Gosh, it's always so hard when you know your baby is sleepy, but just won't sleep. It makes both of you exhausted! My little guy has been sleeping in his crib for about 7 months now and he has only just started to kind of sleep through the night. He was sleeping through the night really well and consistently for a few weeks, and then we went to visit family. Now we are pretty much starting all over again and it is awful. I try to let him cry himself back to sleep when he wakes up in the night. If he is really screaming I will go in and just rock him (or try to), if he is inconsolable I nurse him, though I'm trying to not do that any more. Since it is so cold here right now, we have been putting him in fleece pajamas and a cotton sleep sac. That has helped keep him warm and I know that he is not cold. I hope you figure it out and your little man starts sleeping better for you! :)

  7. At about 5 am every morning Darcie does this. I don't mind, but by the time she is two it's going to have to stop. We want another baby and so it makes sense. I know they don't advise it but what about a pillow? Maybe in a couple of months try that? When Darcie used to wake earlier that's what we tried, from about 10 months she had a pillow - she was used to our one! I think it's because Darcie gets cold. Makes sense and she always has her duvet kicked off... She HATES grobags! Ethan sounds very much like Darcie xxx

  8. We have exactly the same dilemma! We love co-sleeping with our Harry. He is now 29 months and always starts off in his own bed, but anytime between 1am and 6am, he either calls for us or wonders in to our room. Sometimes he sleeps right through but then I just end up waking up at 6am wondering where he is! We have a little girl due in 11 weeks and I have no idea what is going to happen then as I know I will want to co-sleep with her due to the nightly breastfeeds. No matter how much we talk about it, we don't come up with a solution so we're just going to go with the flow! My hubby-to-be is currently constructing one of those cribs with the side missing that can push right up level with my side of the mattress and fits a universal size crib mattress. We'll see how that goes!
    Michelle x

  9. Aw bless him, im sure one look at his beautiful face is enough to have you melting x
    Beautyqueenuk xx