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Ethan appears to have got to that age now, where the toys he had as a newborn, such as soft rattles, soft characters, musical soft toys are just not cutting it anymore. Either that or he's played with them enough times to be bored of them. He loves to go in his Chicco baby walker and is a fan of the Fisher Price Jumperoo and he loves to be outside looking at the trees and other people, though with the colder months now in full swing, I often decide to stay in and keep us warm. When we do head out, he has a new (adorable) hat with matching gloves, a new coat and a footmuff for his pram.

chicco baby walker, 7 month old baby

With Christmas approaching, I'm reluctant to buy Ethan anymore toys right now. He has a lot that's been put away already ready for Christmas Day and I'm sure he'll receive lots from family and friends.

fisher price jumperoo, 7 month old baby

Even so, I've been having a browse over at Baby Thingz and thinking about what type of toys are great for a 6+ month old. They sell the Chicco baby walkers, that I can't rate high enough and they have a baby steps penguin baby walker that isn't a sit in. I think Ethan's a little off of this stage but I'm sure it won't be long now. One of the things I'm most tempted with is, the Chicco smart fun phone, suitable for 6+ months from from the Baby Thingz website. Ethan has a mild obsession with my iPhone, he constantly grabs for it, which I don't mind but then as with most things these days, it goes straight in his mouth.. So a toy mobile phone might have to be on the cards this Chirstmas for my little man.

What's is/was your baby's favourite toy at this age?

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  1. I'm in serious need of some bits to keep vinny occupied now we have put away his jumperoo, he is just too big for it now and swings in it way too much ha!
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