Ethan: 6 Months old (Half a YEAR)


I'm sat here typing this, as you lay asleep having a cat nap next to me, and I can't quite believe that you are six months already! I remember so clearly writing my pregnancy updates and thinking that was going far too quickly, but somehow now you are half a year old! This has been the fastest year of my life. 

Again, as with every month so far, you've changed loads. You're not quite sitting on your own yet, well, you can, but only for a few seconds then you lose your balance. But you're getting so much better with the sitting, I'm sure it'll only be a few weeks for you. 

You roll over all the time now, I'll put you down and you'll roll onto your front. I usually have to get you back round after a while though as once you've had enough on your front you'll start doing a moan/cry to tell me so. 

With your reflux, it's not any better. We finally saw a good Doctor about it and she was so helpful and put you on medication for it, asking me to bring you back in a few weeks to check how you were getting on. Today, is the day that we go back and I'm a little sad to say that the medicine hasn't really worked, the next step is trying you on non-cows milk as per the Doctors advice. We have your appointment later today, so that'll probably be the outcome. 

You've had your first holiday, we went to the Lake District, you, me, Daddy, Grandma and Grandpop and you had the most amazing time, you absolutely loved it - being outside and all the attention. You did so much in the week we were there, from going on a boat (in a little mini life jacket - which was so cute!) to travelling down an old mine, to feeding the ducks to taking your first trip to the beach and a castle!

With your weaning, you are now having breakfast, lunch and a yoghurt for dinner -- you love your food! 

You've found a new level with your vocal cords and have this new scream/screech, it's hilarious! 

Oh, for some reason you now use a dummy, even though you'd never take it before. It now gives you comfort and helps you go to sleep.

You like to pull Mummys hair and it REALLY hurts! I think that you find it quite funny. You now pick up anything and everything and then it goes in your mouth just to see how it tastes!

Ethan, you're just so special to so many people and you're doing brilliantly well. I love you so much!

All my love, Mummy. xx




  1. Aww! So adorable!
    Beautiful post x

  2. Awwww so cute!!!
    Ugh Tyne is doing the hair pulling! Omg he gets such a grip and it KILLS!! lol. I'm starting to understand why Mums usually have short hair lol.


  3. He's so gorgeous! My little boy has just turned one month and it's flown by!! You have a lovely family


    Sarah @ www.bumpbabycandme.blogspot.co.uk

  4. My son turned six months on the 1st October. It's gone so quick. Lovely post :D xx

  5. Aww bless him! He is a perfect combination of you and your husband. Adorable x

  6. They grow so quickly, don't they! Oscar is nearly 5 months old and I can't believe it, he changes every day, he's amazing :) x

    Curls & Swirls Beauty Blog

  7. No way he is six months! It's crazy how fast the time flies - Aiden is nearly 2!! Xo

  8. Ahhh your little family is SO cute!! x