An Empty Crib

He's six months now and I knew it would be around this time but it seemed to happen a lot quicker than I'd mentally prepared for. 

I mean, how did six months come up so quickly? I thought six months was ages back when he was a newborn. 

But, the time came earlier this week and it's for the best for both of us. It gives me and his Dad back our freedom to chat and to not have to sneak around, it means we can put the lights on and not have to cough into our pillows in case we wake him. It means that Ethan isn't disturbed and finally gets to take proper ownership of his bedroom.. 

.. Yes, my baby is now sleeping in his own room in his big boy cot and he is doing amazingly well with it, in fact, I don't think he even notices that he is somewhere different. Yes, my baby.. he's growing up.

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  1. Awwwwwww!!

    I'm glad he's taken to it well.

    I'm not ready yet lol, I don't think I ever will be! lol


  2. Awww lovely! My boy is 13 months and is still in our room! x

  3. Oh bless him. W moved into his room at six weeks - he seemed to settle better and sleep for longer (his Daddy...and maybe Mummy...snores!). It was such a strange feeling but now my favourite part of the evening is checking on him before I go to sleep. His room always smells like him and I love tip-toeing in. xx

  4. Awww glad he's getting on ok, Riley went into his own room at 5 months but Summer was closer to 7 months, not because she wasn't ready but because I wasn't ready as I knew she'd be the last baby to be sleeping in our room :( xxx