Ethan: 5 Months Old (Already!!)

My Baby,

I can't quite believe we are at 5 months already! I remember when you were born just like it was yesterday. Look at you here..

and look at you now:

I don't know how you got so big, I don't recall this happening and I don't know when you lost your newborn-ness. It's like these months are just flying by because I remember you like this:

This was at the end of June, but now we're half way through September and it feels like July was possibly the fastest month ever. I look at pictures of you now (below) and I can't quite believe it.. your hair - it's longer, it's blonder. Your eyes - they're bigger, they're bluer. Your shape - you're taller, you're fuller.

Development wise, you've grown leaps! You roll over now, from your back onto your front, which somehow always amazes me! 

You understand a lot more, you adore the cats and smile and laugh at them, they let you touch them and you love it, you don't know how happy that makes me! You have started to have a bed time, we've been putting you to bed at around 7pm upstairs in your crib, in our room still, with the monitor on. And you still sleep until the morning with no waking up in the night (Thank you!). You can nearly sit, but haven't quite found your balance. You really enjoy playing now and so we've got you lots of new toys, you can pick them all up, though, they usually go straight into your mouth!

You're loving weaning. Though, Mummy (and Daddy) hate the mess, ha ha. Right now, you are having a brunch meal and a 5 o'clock dinner and your bottles. You are doing so well with it!

(Look at Daddys crazy face, he makes 'Choo choo' sounds whilst feeding you! You think it's hilarious!)

My baby, I love you so much. I really really do, I can't quite describe how I feel. You don't know just how special you are. I have this thing, where I get all emotional because I can't show your Dad just how much I love him, I show him everyday and I tell him multiple times everyday, but to me it's not enough, it's like a love so deep that words can't explain it. And I feel the same about you, I love you differently of course, but it's the same intensity.

You see, you and your Dad, and the cats, you mean the world to me. Nothing beats our family time, nothing makes me happier than us just being together. Since having you, I feel like life has become a million gazillion times better.

I love you more than words could say.
Love, Mum xx


  1. He's gorgeous - what stunning blue eyes!

    My son is two months older and it's crazy how quickly they change. He could take some lessons from Ethan on sleeping through the night though! ;)

  2. Oh bless him. He's grown up so much already. I love it when they start to fill out and get all chubby! He's gorgeous Alex. :) xx

  3. Gorgeous!! His eyes as lovely. Its crazy how fast they grow up isn't it.

  4. He is a cutie! Time really does fly. My little tiny baby will be 1 on Saturday!

    1. Aww wishing a very Happy Birthday to yours for Sat :)

  5. He is adorable! Scary how fast they grow up. I will be coming to terms with that soon! x

  6. Awwww he's so adorable. It is funny how much they change and you just don't notice until you compare old pictures to the now!
    Ethan is changing so much, he used to look so much like you in pictures but now he's so much like Adam!!

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  7. He's so lovely, such a little cutie pie.
    And reading this post really brought back so many emotions I had when my little man was so small. I just couldn't believe how fast it was all happening and how I had this indescribable love for him. It just keeps getting better I promise you.

  8. Awww he's so adorable, it's amazing how fast they grow up, I still can't believe Riley is 3! xxx

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