Ethan: 4 Months old

It's the 17th again, which means my baby is another month old -  and this time he is four months! Where has the time gone?! It seems to have flown by, but yet somehow I can't imagine my life before him, it's like I've known him forever. I think it's strange when I think about the fact that he has only been living on this planet for just four months, he's so new, he knows nothing, he's just so completely innocent. 

This my fourth month open letter to my Son..

Dear my beautiful Son, Ethan,

You're now 4 months old and you're brilliant. You're amazing. You're everything. You're my bestest friend (along with Daddy), when I'm with you I feel strong, I feel so content, I feel like my life is exactly where it needs to be. You make so unbelievably happy.

Here are some of the things that you do, including your milestones:

  • You sleep through the night and have done for months. Mummy and Daddy thank you so much for this. We are very lucky.
  • You are ticklish on you neck, specifically on your right side. We tickle you on your belly then up to your neck and you laugh you head off. It's so funny!
  • You can now grab things and pick some things up with your hands - this is really new to you and  you love it. You will shout at the things you are grabbing like your toys whilst your doing it and you have a 'concentration face' which is pretty cute.
  • Your first holiday is booked! We are going to the Lake District at the start of October, I think you'll love it. You love being outside!
  • You like being read to so we've brought you a few books to read to you.
  • You have tried 'baby food'! And you like it! We've given you some Ella's Kitchen and Plum stage 1 pouches and you think it's great, though you make a LOT of mess! But that's just part of the fun ;)
  • You try to sit up! I don't think it'll be long. If we prop you up against something you will pull your head, neck and top of your back forward to try and sit up yourself. You have the strength, just not the balance, so you mostly just flop to the side! I know you'll get there soon and I think when you do, you'll love it!
  • You have had your first night away from Mummy AND Daddy. When you were first born, you stayed away from Mummy for a night because Mummy was poorly and had to go back into hospital, but Daddy looked after you at home. But this time, Mummy and Daddy went to London for our anniversary to see Derren Brown and so Nanna and Auntie Louise looked after you at our house, you were absolutely fine. But I missed you so much. 
  • You go in and love your door bouncer, you kick your feet and skid and slide about in it, you think it is so fun!
  • You now drink 180ml of milk around every 3 hours and as mentioned above occasionally will have some baby food.
  • You have grown out of SO many of your clothes. I can't believe how little you actually have worn some of the clothes that I've put away because you've outgrown them!
  • You have outgrown your baby bath seat!
  • You have acknowledged the cats a lot more, you smile and laugh at them. Mummy takes your hand and strokes them with it, they are so good with you and will let us do this. They are interested in you.
I hope I haven't forgotten anything, you do so many amazing things each day. I feel so lucky to be your Mum. I love you so much baby. xxxxx

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  1. Aww look how big he's getting, love those superhero pj's!!! Aren't the milestones amazing :-)

    Hels X


  2. I can't believe it's been four months, that's crazy! He's coming along so fast! It strange how we can't really remember life before them - what did we DO?! Haha xo

  3. Aww he's so cute! Lovely post xx

  4. Aww he's so cute! Lovely post :) xx

  5. Aw how adorable! Babies are the greatest joy aren't they? :) X

  6. Oh my goodness I want some of those Batman PJs! (for me, not Ozzy lol).

    He's doing so brilliantly Alex, no wonder you're so proud :D

    Oscar's slept really well every night since coming back from Yarmouth at the end of June but last night he seemed really unsettled. I hope he's not going to change his ways now!

    Louise x

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  7. What a sweeeeeet post! :D It's so sweet that he's ticklish on one side specifically and that you know it. It's an amazing feeling to see your own baby grow and have his own little quirks, isn't it? Just yesterday was my daughter's 2 month old anniversary and I agree....where does the time go? Luckily she's been sleeping (mostly) through the night for several weeks now, too! But then it's still pretty hard in the sense that she hasn't been napping much and is in constant need of "things", so I can't get much done through the day. Does this happen to you too?

  8. So sweet! He really looks like you in these photos xx

  9. He is such a smiler and I love the batman outfit! x

  10. Awwww such a lovely post!!! Lovely pictures too, he is such a little cutie pie - LOVING his Cookie Monster bib, OMG need one lol

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