Does your Baby have a Nickname?

I have a habit of giving everything/one I love a nickname. All the cats have nicknames, I rarely call them by their actual names, their nicknames are really weird, but they make complete sense to me just like Ethans..

Ethan had his nickname by day 2 of his life and again it's a weird name, but I get it. I call him 'Speefs'.. Ha, I just laughed out loud. It sounds/looks funny when I write it. But in everyday life it's kind of now normal. I'll tell you how he got it..

I started signing to him when I brought him home from the Hospital. I made up a random two-word song, which went like this: 'Ethan, Speefan' (It rhymes) 'Speefan' then became 'Speef' which then became 'The Speefs' (when referring to Ethan) which has now been shortened to 'Speefs'. 

Am I a little bit insane? Yes probably. But what can I say, that's just me!

baby nickname

Does your baby have a nickname? Or do you too have a habit of giving people silly nicknames? (Surely I can't be alone!)

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  1. Hahaha! I do this all the time, I hardly ever call Summer by her name, I call her Baby Goo because that's what Riley called her when she was in my tummy which has then turned in to Goo, Googly Bear, Giggidy Goo, Googa-loo, Googalicious....the list goes on lol (I sound mental) Then there's Macho who I call Pups, Pupsy Woo, Puppy Love, Pichu...again the list goes on so you are not alone on this one xx

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    1. Haha. I am SO glad I am not alone! I feel semi-normal now ;) x

  2. I nickname everything! It's a terrible habit. I'm currently pregnant and the baby is referred to as squiglet a hybrid of piglet and squirrel.
    My other half has called me piglet since I got swine flu and I called him squirrel as he hoards everything, so naturally our unborn child has become squiglet. It's a name I know will stick. Poor little thing! :)


  3. Isabelle is "Isabelly" at the least, which can go to "Isabelly bum bum" and "Isabelly bum Jay" if I'm feeling more formal ;) Our dogs have them too - Dexter is "Doodle Bug" (Or Doodle, or many things I couldn't possibly say in public) and the cat is called Arthur but more commonly goes by "Pusstoph", or "Pusstoph Pusstopherson". I think, like with Ethan, many of them come from something that rhymes or started once, and progress from there!!
    (Just plain old) Sarah xx

  4. Oh I a horror for this!!! Everything seems to get a nickname...

    Wiggles and Biscuit genuinely are called those names most of the time. Often Wigs and Bick too, also Squeaker, The Hound, Humunculus, etc, etc. My Husband gets called Wiffy (poor love) and more often than not I'm "Chicken" which is fine except when members of the public hear....

    My friend Ruth became Ruthy Toothy Pegs, then Miss Pegs. My boss' initials are P.P so she's always Peeps, then there's Scraggles, Vangelis The Peasant and Blagger to name but a few.....

    Kate x
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  5. My youngest gets called Chicken and my eldest Becky boo...

  6. Thats so cute! Nath goes mad with my stupid names for Ava. She has a few and I don't know where any came from Loulou, baby bug, baby bear, bug, sweetpea. Xx

  7. My Mum used to call me Polly Anna... nothing like Kay!! I call Darcie DarcieB or DB or Squidge :) I call Jamie Chick (but I don't think that is unusual... or is it??!)

    Nice post my dear!


  8. Speefs! Love it!

    I'm with you with the nicknames! Our cat Mona gets called Mogli. Ted gets Teddington amongst other things and my cat called Baby gets called; Wabs, Winston, Jonny, Wibby, Winnie... no wonder he has an identity crisis!!

    I call my other half Nick, Nicky too. Don't know why most of the nicknames are actually longer names!

    I wonder what we nickname our little bubba once he arrives! x


  9. Speefs is brilliant!!!

    I call my little girl Sophia who is now nearly 4 weeks old 'Bunch' as she is always bunched up in her fetal position!! And Abigail my 4 year old I call her 'Pibs' I have nicknames for all my family and friends!!xx


  10. Awww lol! Speefs is so cute!

    I did a post about this not long after Tyne was born but our nicknames seem to have changed a bit now!
    Now he's mostly "McGos" - which I realise sounds ridiculous!!! It started with us calling him Sausage - that evolved into Sausage McGosage (You know, rhymes!), and that turned into McGosage and then just McGos!
    People who over hear us call him that must think we are nuts!!! lol.

    We also call him Tyney Tot, Tyney Pop, and Babaloo on a regular basis. And I call him "Little Pie"...I don't really know why, but it suits him!
    And he was referred to as Bean throughout the pregnancy, which Jon can't let go of - even today in Asda, he said "Shall we get this for Bean?" - I had to point out that he's now over 5 months old and can't be referred to as "Bean" forever lol

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  11. Yep, I give Jacob a nickname too. His must be the worst on here though. It started from Jay, to Jayboo, to... are you ready? ... BOOBEE!
    I have to be really careful not to shout his nickname in public.

    Dayle - www.swingsandstrawberries.blogspot.com

  12. Haha speefs is cute! We call Sienna 'Sisi' which I think is normal, but we also call her squish, squishly, squishpea... Warren used to call me squish until I was pregnant & then it was baby squish! haha!

    Although some day I do call her random things! Really random! like... chicken pie, doodle face, peach pie, chopstick... haha the list goes on! I just call her whatever comes into my head LOL! chopstick has become my favourite :D x

  13. Tyler Lee is Tyler Lee Lee Lally Lou Lou (don't ask!) his dad calls him Mr. PooPoo! The other one we have is TyLee or Tyler Smiler :)

    Fiona @ www.dollydowsie.com

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  15. We call Rio 'saurus'...at first it was Rio-saurus. Our dog went from Jessie to jess to jessminda, to mindy, to mindy macoroni eek..im weird like you ;)

  16. I call Athena 'bean' (athena bean, again with the rhyming!) adorabubble, and theenie-weenie. Poor mite!

  17. Awww haha thats so cute! Amelia doesn't have a nickname. I can't think of one. maybe you could help? haha!!


  18. I think nick names are great! We have a coconut theme going on in our family so sometimes Zoárd is Coconutbirdie or Coconutbaby or Coconutmonkey...

    But most of the time we call him by his name. The naming of Zoárd is dear to us.