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lindam door bouncer review
Nothing makes me happier than to see my little boy happy. He's been pushing down on his feet for so long now, he is consistently desperate to be held upright so that he can push right down into his toes. He's only three months so the time he's being allowed to do this is only a little while. But doing this makes him very happy, I can tell already that he is going to be one very independent little man. To tell you the truth, and I'm pretty sure all other parents will agree with me here, babies are not light, they can be right old lumps and my poor old arm muscles (which actually, are more like twigs) find it hard to bear his weight whilst he merrily plods along believing he is standing when actually it's my poor old arms that are taking his weight!

So a decision was made, we needed a door bouncer! He would love it, we knew that, and our poor aching and tired arms would get a very welcome rest. We've been lucky enough to be able to have the opportunity to review the Lindam 'Jump About' door bouncer recently and it has been an absolute God send! Ethan has absolutely loved it from the very first moment he went into it. 

Setting the bouncer up is incredibly easy, I managed to do it myself first time. It can be moved easily between door frames around your house, which is fab for me as sometimes I'll take it upstairs and put it on the bathroom door frame whilst I shower. Since I've had it I've had absolutely zero safety issues, it's incredibly strong and has great safety features that strap Ethan in leaving me feeling confident that he is totally comfortable and perfectly safe. The only thing I'd advise any one buying any door bouncer is, it's probably best that baby wears a top or a baby grow or something on his/her chest to avoid any rubbing where they twist around (this only happened when I stupidly put Ethan into it in just a nappy because of the heatwave, for the first time *see pics*) and be careful how long baby stays in it, I give Ethan around 15 minutes at the moment because obviously he can't stand yet and I don't want him to get too tired in it. 

The seat is soft and padded and is machine washable which is always a bonus. It has adjustable straps and a back buckle, I have found this to be fully supportive allowing Ethan to keep a correct posture (which is something I am very particular about). The height can easily be adjusted and it features a strong, very secure door clamp. The bouncer is suitable for babies that can support their head unaided up to a maximum weight of 12kg (around 26 lb) or up until they can walk.

lindam door bouncer review

We absolutely love this bouncer, without hesitation I would recommend this for parents with babies that seem restless and eager to be on the go at a young age and that can support their head. Ethan seriously believes it is the best thing to have ever existed and my Husband and I find ourselves mesmerised just watching him bouncing and giggling away whilst he's in it. This is a fantastic product. 

The Lindam Jump About door bouncer is currently available at Amazon for just £15.99. Other places you can buy on line from include, Argos, Asda and Tesco. 

lindam door bouncer review

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  1. How adorable does Ethan look in that? We never got round to getting Rio one. He loves bouncing away in my nephew jumparoo so i bet he would of loved one! ..looks like your getting your moneys worth too :)

    WTTP - The little lady with a baby!

  2. Aww adorable!!!
    I had a door bouncer for both of my two...They loved it!

  3. Awww he looks very pleased with himself!xx

  4. Aw he looks so happy in it! We've just started putting Summer in her Jumperoo and she loves it! :)

    Emma xx
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  5. Jacob loved his bouncer when he was little! We always said he would bounce around instead of walk! We found a jumperoo really good too, definitely a worthwhile investment. Lots of bouncing and little activities to do!

    I'm a new follower of your blog, looking forward to reading more posts
    Dayle - www.swingsandstrawberries.blogspot.com