It's the bath-time-Baby.

Ethan loves bath time. He's loved it from his first ever bath. He loves to kick, pushing down on his feet towards the bottom end of his baby bath. He loves to splash, he especially loves soaking Mum and Dad (and the floor). It just makes him happy. I think for those reasons that he'll love swimming, I haven't taken him yet but really want to for his sake. 

Baby's bath time was something that stressed me out a little whilst I was pregnant. What would I use? How would I bath him? Would he like it? Would it strain my back too much? But actually, it's fine. So if you're pregnant yourself and you're worried, please, don't panic, It's fine! We try and bath Ethan every other day in his bath, the day's we don't bath him I top and tail him with warm water and product. And on bath days - I bath Ethan with my Husband when he gets home from work so that I don't hurt my back it's a lot easier that way. 

Here are some of the bath time products we use almost every time and love: 

Baby bath seat

I love these baby bath seats. This simple little item has made bath time with baby so much easier, I can't tell you how much. It cost me something like £10 and I picked it up from Tesco at the time. But I think you can get them from places like Mothercare or just try a simple google search to find the cheapest. I totally recommend these. Ethan's a big baby and always has been (born at 9oz 9lb!) and he is only just growing out of it now (3 months old). So if you're baby's smaller, it'll probably last longer for you. And even if you only get 3 months - it's worth it in my opinion.  This Disney one from Amazon is only £8.99!! Disney Winnie the Pooh Bath Chair  

The Nipper Clipper

This is fab! I use to use a normal baby-sized nail clipper on Ethan's nails and at first it was stressful, then I kind of got the hang of it, then I got this and it has made cutting Ethan's nails a total breeze! The Nipper clipper is unique in that it has a little spy hole so you can actually see what your cutting (so much less stressful for Mum's and Dad's). It cuts a lot easier than my previous clippers - no struggle whatsoever, a clean cut. I love the handle on it, so much easier to grip. AND it also comes with a baby nail file for those spiky nail leftovers AND there's a downloadable distraction app on the Apple store for iPhone. It's only £9.99 and you can buy it here: Stylfile Nipper Clipper Baby Nail Clipper

Talc, Oil and Moisturising cream!

We use the products shown above for after bath time. You can read more about them here on my blog. We like the Oriflame products a lot, they seem to work really well on Ethan's skin and the moisturiser is great for Ethan's dry-skin patch on his forehead. 

Eczema Remedies

Eczema is incredibly common in babies and toddlers. In the UK, around one in five children suffer from eczema, which usually first shows up before they turn five. Many young children with eczema suffer more severe flare-ups, perhaps when it's been hot, or when they've been exposed to certain conditions. These flare-ups can be very uncomfortable, making it difficult for your baby to settle. In extreme cases, medicated lotions might be needed, but most of the time, simple home remedies for eczema can bring your child the comfort that they need to get a good night's sleep after their bath. 

Some of the best home remedies include oat baths, coconut oil, and sunflower oil.

PK BABY Shampoo 

This baby shampoo and body wash is literally amazing. It smells gorgeous and works like a treat! Ethan's hair use to look a little greasy after just one day with our previous shampoo, but with this, his hair stays bouncy and clean looking for days and days. You get so much product in each bottle, the pictures don't really do it justice when it comes to it's size. It's my absolute favourite baby shampoo and we'll continue to use it for the near future. It's a great bath time product. It is available to buy here.

Soft baby bath towels - with hoods!

After his bath I love wrapping Ethan up in a soft, snug, hooded towel and he loves it too, after his initial upset about having to get out of the bath, of course. I have got several of these towels, and they are the perfect size. This super cute towel is only £6.45: R Kids Ellie & Raff Hooded Bath Time Towel Brand New.

What are you favourite baby bath time products? How often do you bath your baby and is it chilled out or stressful time?

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  1. Aww I love bath time too! I've just this week started putting Tyne in the bath with me and he loves it, its such a nice bonding time!
    He only stays in for 5 mins but its lovely.

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

  2. Your son is such a doll! I found you through the Friday Chaos Blog Hop. Following via Bloglovin'!

  3. Oh, his wee smile just melts your heart!! So adorable!

    Aiden used to scream blue murder in the bath! He HATED his seat, but as soon as he could sit up himself and have the freedom to move about he changed his mind. It's a challenge to get him OUT the thing now! Haha.