I didn't plan for this post today, but sometimes there are things that happen that just make you want to blog, and today is one of those days.

Overnight my three month six day old baby appears to have acquired some new skills, and I'm one very proud Mama! 
Suddenly he's realised that he has toes! Yes, toes! .. Who knew? Not only has he become aware of these toes, he has even stretched out his little fingers and grabbed those tiny footsies! And who could have known that such a small little progression could make me burst with pride and bring a little tear to my eye? And it's not only toe-touching that has been unearthed, no - he's also pulling himself up in an attempt to sit. He hasn't quite got the balance, but the physical strength is there! He's added 'A' to his vocabulary - a big progression from the 'G' I think. Also, raspberry blowing, grabbing of items and faces, TV (especially youTube) watching and shouting has been added to Ethan's every growing list of expertise. I also suspect that he may believe that he can already walk, as he is at his most happiest when he is upright pushing down on his feet - The boy has strength! And he didn't acquire that from his Mummy, since a gush of wind has me on the floor.

It's funny how all of these things can occur over the period of just one night! I wake up and ping! - I have a newly-skilled baby. And he looks different, he's bigger, cuter - He's growing so fast! But I'm proud, so so very proud, of each and every new development. It sounds small, I suppose only fellow Mummy's and Daddy's will understand this post. 


  1. Ahhh, what a clever boy. Well done Ethan. I just love seeing babies play with their toes like they're the best toys on the planet.
    And I've found with both my children that they tend to learn things in spurts, just when it seems like they haven't mastered anything new, they learn three new things all at once. It's such an adventure seeing them discover new skills, and you just burst with pride every time. x

  2. Well done Ethan! I used to love watching Abigail play with her toes :) I remember the first time she discovered how to put her little feet in her mouth!! So cute. I'm still a proud Mummy now as she's always coming out with her things and growing up so fast! Starts full time school in September 4 years seems to have gone far too quick.xx

    Emily x

  3. Lovely post, its so easy to forget those little things!! Darcie LOVED being on her feet from three months, I didn't like to encourage it at that age but that's what she loved! xxxx

  4. Aw he is growing up so fast! x

  5. The newness is the best part of being a mama. He is so smiley and sweet!!

  6. Awwww I know exactly what you mean!
    Tyne has started doing these things in the last few weeks and it is amazing to see! I keep calling people in to see him do the silliest, tiny things but to me they're amazing!!! lol.
    It is so incredible to watch them learning every day!

    I love your dress btw, is that from New Look?! :D

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

    1. It is SO incredible. :)

      Thanks - It's from River Island, I got it in the sale for only £12!!! xx