Ethan: 3 Months Old

  (An open letter to my three month old Son).


My gosh are you really three months already? I can't believe that it's been that long so soon. Three whole months since I arrived at the Labour ward having contractions as my body geared up ready to give birth to you - my baby. And now look at you, you're amazing. You're so much better than I could ever have imagined. I had no idea that this type of magic existed. Words fail me when describing you. You're just everything and more. Gosh, I just love you so much!


You've turned into a little person, with a personality that is yours. Your personality shines through more and more each day as I watch you grow, learning and discovering every moment that you can. Your cheeky and you're independent. So independent. You want to be able to do things that at your age, you just can't do yet. But you're determined and so Mummy and Daddy let you push down on your legs into your feet whilst we hold you as you try and find the strength that you will one day use to stand. You're happiest when you're surrounded by people, people that love you. You love being the centre of attention and you enjoy gazing into Mummy's eyes, trying to work out what Mummy's doing/thinking, trying to catch my attention, and once you get it you reward me with a huge beaming smile. This is how I know you know me, how I know you love me. I love these smiles.  Five words I'd use to describe your personality are: 
  • Independent
  • Content
  • Clever
  • Determined
  • Socialble

Reflux & Health
Oh baby, it sucks (a lot), but you suffer with reflux pretty bad and it is showing no signs of getting any better despite the infant Gaviscon in every bottle. I learnt that Mummy and Daddy both suffered with it badly ourselves as babies, so I guess you really stood no chance of being a non-sickly baby. You often soak yourself, the sofa, the floor, us, but it's okay we manage it and we get through it, on the positive side it doesn't seem to bother you all that much. Sure, it makes you cranky at times, but on the whole you're usually smiling and laughing right before what seems like a bucket load of sick emerges from your mouth. Other than that you're okay. In regards to your teething - we have had no teeth come through as of yet, we can just see little white buds on your gums, and you display a lot of teething symptoms at times, especially lately. 


You are a fantastic night sleeper! You will sleep right up to 6am and then go back to sleep until around 9am/10am. You'll often fall asleep at 8/9/10pm at night. I feel very lucky that you have stopped waking up at 2am and other unfavourable times in the morning. I know this may not last forever, but right now I thank you for this. You still don't like laying on your back (whist awake) and you still don't like tummy time. Your favourite position remains the same as at your 2 month update - you like to be upright and it is preferable to you that the person holding you is standing, walking is even better. 

Things you like

  • Attention (lots of it!)
  • Watching the TV and youTube videos with Daddy
  • You still like the motion of your pram and sound of the hoover.
  • Engaging in conversations with Mum and Dad, they go like this: "GOOOO!!" "GEEEEE!"
  • Being outside (it seems to calm you).
  • Watching Mummy in the shower in your bouncer whilst listening to Radio 1. You love this because you can see Mummy, hear running water and listen to tunes. 
  • Trying to stand up on your feet - this is probably your favourite thing to do. You look so proud of yourself when you do it, I'm not sure you actually realise that Mummy/Daddy are holding on to you. 
  • You still love your botbot's of course, in fact, you actually engaged in a conversation with one yesterday and smiled at it like if you thought it might refill itself if you stared at it for long enough 
  • You still love being in the car. There's an advert on TV at the moment, I'm not sure what it's advertising but there's a Dad driving his car with his baby in the back, when the Dad stops his car at a traffic light the baby begins to cry because the movement has stopped. This is you. You actually do this.

  • You have discovered your arm, possibly your hand also, but definitely your arm. You will lay on your play mat looking up at your toys, you will want to grab them. You will study your arm, then the toy, then your arm again, all the while Mummy is watching in anticipation believing you are about to realise how your arm/hand works and reach for the toy, but no, the arm goes straight in your mouth! I guess it's just too yummy.
  • Your conversations. Yes, you only say, 'GOO' and 'GEE' and sometimes something that sounds similar to 'Yeah' and 'Oh God', but to you this is enough. When Mummy and Daddy copy your sounds - it is brilliant. You laugh your head off and your eyes glow and your smile beams. You're such a happy chappy.
  • Your physical strength. As explained above you are pushing down on your feet as if you are about to get up and go for a walk already. You've been able to hold your own head up and look around since you were under 1 month. You're super strong.
  • Your personality shining through. (explained above). I love getting to know you more each day. 
  • Sleeping through the night (again, explained above). I'm one happy Mama! 
  • Laughing. You laugh so much now, lots of things make you laugh such as Mummy sticking her tongue out, Mummy blowing on your belly, Mummy being generally crazy, Mummy's mad dancing, Mummy and Daddy repeating what you say and smiling at you. Lots and lots of things make you laugh. 
Ethan, there's no way to describe how I feel about you. 
I've loved you since I knew I was pregnant with you, I will love you forever more. My heart is so totally full of love for you. 
I will protect you for the rest of your life and will always be right here holding your hand, helping you grow, learn, and live. You are a beautiful, wonderful baby and I'm the luckiest person in the world to be blessed enough to be your Mum.

Love now and forever more,

Mummy xo

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Alex xo


  1. It's crazy how fast they develop! He's getting so big now, and even more adorable (if that's possible!) xo

  2. Wow what a great little sleeper he is, very lucky mummy x


  3. oh he's just too adorable!! And you guys look so happy. Plus, you're so lucky he sleeps at night - many of my mum friends tell me their babies keep them awake a lot!

  4. So lovely. Ethan is absolutely gorgeous!



  5. Awwww so lovely!!! He's such a cutie!

    Lol we laugh at that car advert too as Tyne does the exact same thing!

    Sparkles &Stretchmarks

  6. Alex he is so cute! And he's the spitting image of you. Ethan is an amazing name too - have a feeling he is set to be a little heartbreaker!

    Eve & Faye x