This is NOT the blog post I had intended for today...

I had actually planned to post part 1 of Ethans birth story here, but the little monkey himself had other plans for me today and Ethan's plans have just NOT been fun. There are occasionally some days when I ask myself , 'Was there really any point in me getting dressed today?' and on those occasions often the answer is in fact 'no'. Today is one of those days.

This was how my day looked before it had even began:

  • I was already  knackered - Yesterday consisted of us being out from 3pm until 10pm. Initially it was just a visit to Ethans Great Grannys for her Birthday and then it just so happened we found a suitable second hand car on the Internet which we ultimately ended up purchasing. Yesterday we achieved a lot, but tired ourselves out beyond belief. 
  • Ethan had playtime at 4am - Ethan's learning to coo at us whilst smiling, this is the sweetest thing ever and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't encouraging it last night this morning but he could have picked a more sociable play time. 
  • I slept in till 11am - Well deserved perhaps {as per above points} but it does not set me up well for the day. I didn't manage to get dressed until around 1pm, this was a problem because of the below point.
  • I had so much to do - Lots and lots of washing, general house cleaning, insuring the new car, responding to emails, finishing intended blog post, scheduling others... the list goes on... What do they say.. 'A woman's work is never done'.
  • My Husband's working until 8pm - Which means I don't get a break, it also means dinner time gets mucked up as he wont be home from work until 9pm. I hate late shifts.

'No Mummy, I'm not going to sleep today.'

Now the real issue - Ethan has not slept, constantly wants Mum, is teething and appears to be having a growth spurt. All together this equals one very fussy baby who has cried for the majority of the day. And in turn that then equals one very tired, slightly stressed, very hungry Mama who has achieved 0 of her plans for today.

Though as I write this {to help relieve some of the stress of today} my little man now appears to have tired himself out completely and has fallen asleep on his play mat...   

So I guess this is my opportunity to grab some food, watch the Sky+ recording of Hollyoaks and take a deep breath...  That is after I've tended to my four cat's hungry bellies.. since one of them has decided that the best way to tell me that it's dinner time is to plonk herself in front of the monitor until I get up. 

Alex xo


  1. We're having twin days! Ethan had a rough night last night and we've had such a hard morning! We also have his first swim lesson this evening, so I'm a little nervous that he's going to be downright miserable. Plus, my husband won't be home from work until 9:00 p.m. -- the worst days! :(

    Hang in there, mama!

    1. Ah, I think today should be known as 'Miserable Monday' haha. Ethans all around the world are giving their Mama's a v.hard day!
      On a positive note - I hope his 1st swimming lesson goes okay for you both :)

  2. Oh bless him, growth spurts and teething are so hard on the little ones xx

  3. Awww I so recognise these days!! :/
    Tyne sometimes has those days where he is just grouchy all day and refuses to sleep or be put down at all! And they usually happen when there's nobody else here and Jon is working until 8 - which are the days when I SHOULD be able to get loads done while he sleeps!
    Its always the way - whenever there are plans, baby will break them! lol. Bless him - I hope he has a more settled tonight!

    Oh and don't worry - I'm awful for encouraging the 4 am play times too! Its TOO HARD not to play with them when they're being so cute!

    Sparkles &



  4. I get a lot of days like this with my 10 week old daughter. It's crazy how you can be home all day and not manage to get on with the things that need doing.. Eg washing, ironing, cleaning because baby needs to be cuddled so much!