Finding My Feet

Whoever said being a new Mummy is a hard job was right. It is hard but at the very same time it's also extremely rewarding. 

Ethan is now 3 and half weeks old and my Husband went back to work last Tuesday, so Ethan and I had our first week together as just us two. At first I was like a spring chicken, I had a sort of plan for us and had an idea of how things would go.. little did I know - there is no plan with newborn babies, there's no pattern and no routine {well at least there isn't at the moment}. This is hard and by the end of the week my head was pounding constantly and I was exhausted beyond belief.

 Everyday has been different and I'm squeezing in {very little} 'me' time where I can. I'm always honest in my blog posts and so have no problem admitting that having a new baby for the first time and going from a '2' to a '3' at times has put a strain on mine and Adams relationship, but the love and respect that we have for each other is very deep and so we talk things through and support each other - we act as each others fuel and keep each other going when times get tough. 

I've been told that the first couple of months are the hardest so I know that eventually I will find my feet and my confidence will grow strong as it continues to increase everyday. Right now I'm working out how to juggle all of the things in my life - my newborn and all of his many needs, my Husband and our relationship, my four cheeky cats and they're seemingly always hungry belly's and masses of moulting hairs, myself and both my emotional and physical states {emotional because I need to keep myself de-stressed and make sure I do make time for myself and relax and physical because I'm still building up my iron levels, still dealing daily with very painful back pain from scoliosis, still massaging cream and oil into my massive amounts of stretch marks (my stomach exploded with them towards the end of pregnancy but hey I was housing a baby the size of a small planet in there!) and I also need to ensure I'm eating and drinking properly.}. I'm also jugging the never-ending house work along with all of the other every day life occurrences.

Through all of these daily challenges I remain completely and utterly content. My heart is as full as it has ever been and I am happy. Disoriented, exhausted, stressed, even upset at times, but totally happy. It's the kind of happiness that only having a family can give you. I sat in bed with my Husband last night watching television with our baby in between us and we just looked at each other and smiled because at that very moment we both thought the very same thing - 'this is happiness'. 

I'll end this blog post with a few of my favourite pictures from last week:

Little baby iPood :)


This photo makes me laugh every time - just look at Ethans cheeky face! Haha.

Kisses from Daddy

 Twins?! Haha.

 Why does my baby constantly pull funny faces when I'm not looking and am trying hard to take nice family shots?! He really does make me laugh!!

Mummys attempt at swaddling.

 Too adorable. Charlie and Ethan. <3

 Charlie, Ethan + Sammy.

 Snuggling with Mummy in bed.

Oh and yes you guessed it...
Yet another funny face shot! ;)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone!

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  1. You sound like you're doing a brilliant job hunny and he is so adorable!!! Absolutely EVERYTHING you've said in this post rings true and was exactly the same for me. I promise promise (as you have rightly noted yourself already) that things dramatically improve. For me, my back pain and physical healing was done in 6 weeks. By 7/8 weeks I was totally into a routine. By 10 weeks Ollie was sleeping through and husband and I had completely stopped being horrible to each other!! It is such a massive adjustment but as you say it is so wonderful at the same time! Hang in there xxxxxx

    1. Aw thanks for this reply Joanna, it has really reassured me. :)

  2. It sounds like you are doing a brilliant job to me and just look how adorable that little boy of yours is xx


  3. My son is 9 weeks old and I promise you it does get better! I'm still not managing to find time for housework but I get half an hour to myself each evening so I can have a bath and some ME time.

    1. I think I'm overdoing it a bit as I am rather OCD with my housework so am exhausting myself to make sure it gets done!

  4. You're doing a fab job by the sounds of things, being a first time mummy is never easy i remember my first night home when abi was born I cried my eyes out as I didn't know how to make up a bottle of formula milk!! I was in zombie mode for ages but everything will fall into place. You will find yourself learning new things every day and having ups and downs its all part of being new parents.xxx


    1. Aww, I didn't know how to do it either, but really it's so simple lol.
      I understand what you mean by zombie mode, though this week I'm starting to feel more like myself again :) x

  5. Aww I know how all of this feels :) It is very hard and demanding - its a funny feeling as you feel so knackered, stressed and a bit manic - but still happy?!

    I am struggling a bit with juggling things - I make sure I have time to get up, washed, dressed and put my make up on every day coz I'd feel rubbish if I didnt, but sometimes it takes 2 hours from all the stopping and starting lol.
    But fitting in blogging is stressful! :/

    I dont think routine exists just yet, we certainly dont have one going yet!

    How is your anemia now? I have to get re-tested next week as my iron levels are apparently dangerously low :(

    Ethan is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love his photos!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

  6. It's good to know that I'm not on my own with the feelings and the juggling. :) I'm too struggling to sit down and blog at the moment, but I think it's completely normal and I'm sure I'll find more time soon.
    I'm feeling lots better and still taking iron - I'm not sure what my levels are now. Aww, are you taking iron tablets?

    Thanks! :) xx