Ethan: 1 Month Old

Dear Ethan,

Today you are 1 month old! A whole month! Honestly, the first month of your life has just completely flown by, it feels like just yesterday that I went into labour with you. I remember clearly the days leading up to your birth like they just happened. I remember writing my feelings in this blog about what it was like waiting for you to arrive, the anticipation and excitement, my nerves... and now you're a month old already! It really is hard to believe yet I could never imagine life without you now. 

So, what has the first month of your life held for you?

Clothes wise you never really were in 'newborn' as a lot of the newborn clothes only went up to 7.5-8lbs, but you haven't been quite big enough for all of your 0-3 month size clothes, so we've kind of been mix and matching with outfits and vests for you as different clothes sizes come up differently. We've definitely seen a growth in your size as outfits that were way too big for you now fit. :) I love seeing you in little outfits and then grows for bedtime.

We've been so lucky to have such a healthy baby and we are so thankful for this. You're very strong already - lifting your head up and holding it up for around 10 seconds when we hold you on our chests/shoulders and you have a strong kick {must have been all that practice you had on my ribs}! I've been worrying that perhaps you have a bit of reflux, because sometimes you can get really restless and upset after a feed and at times your struggle to burp and can spit up quite a bit, but we have been following some reflux tips and advice that I found on the Internet and you seem better for it. 

You are a feeding machine! You love your milk! (Just like your Mummy and Daddy, who also love drinking fresh milk!) You are bottle fed, because I couldn't get you to latch on and because I wasn't very well after giving birth to you. You take 120ml-150ml (4-5oz) of milk each feeding time. You usually go between 3-4 hours between bottles, but at times you will want a bottle after just 2 hours and have been known to demand more after just 1 hour! We feed you Cow and Gate first milk - we've been using the ready made milk but are trying powder with you again now.

When you wake at night it's only usually for a bottle. We try and feed you around 11pm-Midnight, again at around 3-4am and then again at 6-7am. Sometimes you don't go back down to sleep straight away and you will fuss but it's not often. You have most of your awake time during the day with lots of sleep in between.

  • Grabbing Mummy's hair {though I don't think it's intentional right now}.
  • Holding your head up for around 10 seconds as mentioned above.
  • Finding your lungs {you hardly cried when you were first born, now you scream as soon as you get a little bit hungry!}
  • Becoming more alert - you look around at your surroundings and I catch you watching me. Daddy's silly and thinks you can't see unless he is right in your face, but Mummy knows you can see more then that!
  • I watched you looking at and then hitting a hanging toy several times whilst laying on your play mat yesterday, I don't know if you meant to reach for it or not but it made me smile. 
  • Smiling - yes I know it's probably just wind but I like to think you're actually a happy smiley baby!
Smiles! :)

Things you like
  • Milk, milk and more milk!
  • Cuddles with Mum and Dad.
  • The motion when you're in your pram.
  • The motion when you're in the car.
  • The hoover noise {it makes you fall asleep}.
  • Music - any type, you like it when Mum and Dad listen to music - the louder the better!
  • Your swing - the vibrating setting makes you fall asleep. 
  • Watching the lights on your play mat.
  • Bath time! You love the water.
  • Making crazy faces..

Exhibit A!
You love bath time.
Watching the lights on your play mat!
Asleep in your swing.
Happy 1 Month Ethan! 

We love you so much + can't wait for many many many more months + years with you! xx



  1. He's SO flipping gorgeous! You're making me terribly broody! haha! xx

  2. Absolutely adorable! Love the crazy faces, haha.

  3. Ethan is so adorable :) Can't believe its been a whole month already! Hope your feeling alot better now xxx


  4. I swear, you really have one of the cutest babies ever and it's so nice that you are very very happy! His nose is just too adorable and his smile too! May he continue to grow as a beautiful and healthy baby. :)


    1. Aww thank you for such a lovely comment :) xx