6 Week old baby TEETHING!!?

    It's easy to think you're going a little mad sometimes as a new Mum.. You see, us new Mummy's we spend a great deal of time worrying, we worry because our babies can't tell us if something hurts or if something's uncomfortable. We worry about whether or not they've had enough milk, we worry about whether they are too hot or too cold, in fact we worry abut a lot us Mums.
Sometimes we are accused of over-worrying and I'm sure that a lot of the time it's probably true, we do over-worry but hey that's just what Mums do!

    I actually did think that that was the case when I spotted a little white stump on Ethans bottom gum the other day.. 'A tooth?' I thought, 'Surely not!'.. but at our six week appointment today the Doc confirmed it - Ethan, my six week old baby is teething! {Which in truth does go someway to explain his persistent grouchiness of late! :( }. 

   I had thought that it was rather rare, but actually it's a lot more common than I believed for babies to teeth this early, in fact I've since found out that some babies are even born with teeth! My own Doctors Son began to teeth at 6 weeks old also, however the tooth didn't fully come through until around 8 months or so she said. However on inspection of Ethans tooth she believes that this little wayward tooth will be popping out rather soon! Eek!..

   I'm rather proud of myself to be honest, looking after a 6 week old baby mostly by myself, learning the {at times very challenging} ropes of Mummyhood as a brand new Mum on Maternity Leave whilst my Husband is at work in the week, keeping the house, my blog, the cats, my WoW account ;) and myself all going, oh and not forgetting helping out with my Husbands on-the-side eBay business all whilst my little 6 week old is teething {and being a very grouchy little monkey at times because of it}! Yep, I just blew my own trumpet!.. But hey someones got to. ;)

And to end, here's a few pics from today of the little teether himself with his Auntie, Uncle and Cousins..

And I'll even throw in this adorable one of the gorgeous Charlie for extra viewing pleasure :)

                                                                                                                         -- hashtaglazycat 

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Enjoy your weekend peeps!

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  1. Darcie teethed from 8 weeks and didn't get a single tooth till nearly 10 months!!! Xxx

  2. Ooooh! I've often wondered if Tyne could be teething but my mum always tells me I'm being stupid coz he's far too young!!!
    He has little white buds on his gums and he loves chewing on his dummy, and can be grouchy sometimes

    Sparkles &



  3. Aw bless him xx


  4. Ooh I didn't know babies could teeth so early either! I've had a WoW account for 5 years that's only just gone on hiatus - funny to find someone else plays it too hehe! xx

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